Our Challenge Creators

We continue our good fortune with our challenge creators. Each challenge creator is someone who we trust to create a unique learning experience for our live hackers and our audience.

They are experts in their fields and have graciously used their free time in order to create multi-step challenges which promise to be entertaining and educational.

Go check out their bios and other fun bits of their profiles, you will be voting on some of their challenges on Friday!

What is Hack Live?

Hack Live is a collaboration between Kernelcon, Ultimate Hacking Championship, and industry experts in multiple disciplines to educate the attendees about core skills in each hacking discipline.

Attendees will be able to experience and participate while an expert works through an information security challenge. We have chosen some of the biggest names in each field to come help educate our audience on their methods and the steps they would take to solve a challenge.

Each industry expert is faced with a challenge they've never seen before, with potential sabotages from the audience. The attendees will get a front row seat to the process of each challenger, while they work through challenges written by other industry professionals.

The best part is it's free.

Yep. All of this great content brought to you free. One day only, April 30th.


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Jeff Moss aka (The Dark Tangent)

Jeff Moss has been a hacker for over thirty years. In 1992 Jeff founded DEF CON, the largest hacker community and gathering in the world. Five years later, he started Black Hat, a series of technical conferences featuring the latest security research. In 2009, Jeff was appointed to the DHS Homeland Security Advisory Council, a group of subject matter experts providing advice to the Secretary of DHS. In 2011 Jeff was named Vice President and Chief Security Officer at the Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Numbers.

Jeff is uniquely qualified with his ability to bridge the gap between the underground researcher community and law enforcement, between the worlds of pure research and responsible application. In 2011, Moss received the ICSA President's Award for Public Service and in 2012 he was named in Discovery Magazines "top 100 stories of 2012" as story #50.


Challenge Creators


Int Eighty
Class: Robot
STR 21
DEX 13
CON 13
WIS 14

Int Eighty is the rapper in Dual Core. He hacks computers and makes rap music about it.

Alias: David

Affiliations: Internet

Superpower: Being married to Marina

100% Uxorious

Special Move

The mustache


Fucking around and finding out.

Other Stats Result
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favorite Popcorn Flavor: Burnt microwave popcorn in the break room of a building I don't work in.
Favorite Season: Summer2021!
Favorite Pizza Topping: More Pizza
Space Profession: Celestial Cyber Cyborg
  1. int80's hip hop duo, Dual Core, had their song "All the Things" embedded on DEF CON 23's 7-inch vinyl record badge.
  2. That same track also appeared in the video game Watch Dogs 2.
  3. Int Eighty invented all music.
  4. Int Eighty's name refers to an x86 assembly instruction.
Marina Ciavatta
Class: Ranger
STR 20
DEX 26
INT 12
CHA 12

Social Engineer, co-founder and CEO of Hekate Inc, UHC CTF host and DCG5511 staff!

Affiliations: DCG5511 · UHC CTF @hackingesports host

42% N/A

Other Stats Result
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Favorite Popcorn Flavor: Butter
  1. Marina's name literally means "of the sea".
  2. Marina has given talks where she helps educate the community on social engineering.
  3. Marina can speak several languages, including Braille.